Sexuality Coaching

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Find your satisfactory and healthy sexual expression
Empower your sexual authority and authenticity
Heal Sexual Trauma

Private Sharing

A space to share the truth about your challenges, desires, needs, hopes and dreams.
There are no judgements or Taboos here.

Somatic Release

To step into the future we need to release the past. Sometimes strong emotional experiences get stuck in our body. We will find a healthy way to release them and be free.


Whether a breath-work session or a full body Tantra massage – an invaluable experience deepening understanding about your own body. Designed for your unique needs.


Yes. We will give you homework. Everything can be improved with enough love and devotion for it. We will share literature lists and practices that change peoples lives.

Modestas Stonkus


Modestas is your “no topic is a taboo” coach. He extensively studied sexual expression and ways to holistically and practically improve our lives while improving our sexuality.

Modestas Stonkus is the founder of Dance Of Tantra, a personal development platform, based on dance movement expression techniques, and powerful personal transformation tools.

He passionately immersed himself in Tantra as a spiritual viewpoint for personal growth & consciousness healing practice. Since 2019 he has been part of the “Tantra-Essence” faculty team in the yearly, month long “Ultimate Tantra Mystic Massage Training” in Bali. 



• Full-Body Orgasms
(for Men and Women) 

• Learn to love your body

• Healthier Happier Body

• Improve Sexual Stamina

• Improve Libido

• Sleep Better


• Integrate Your Unique Sexuality

• Sexual Trauma Healing

• Learn how to get your needs met

• Understanding Your Energy Cycles

• Relax More

• Dissolve unhealthy sexual patterns


• Find your Unique Sexual Self Expression

• Know your true desires

• Healthy and unique relationships

• Figure out open-relationships

• Sexual Mastery & Maturity

• More Creative Energy

Set up a free 30 minute session and see if Modest can support your sexual journey.