Zouk Retreat Ukraine 2019
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Beyond words

June 6, 2019

Modestas is more than amazing, and the experience is beyond words, The Ultimate Tantra Healing Journey brought me not only healing but freedom. Every session was creatively beautiful, every conversation was inspiring, and every moment, I was transforming. Cannot believe he even brought me back to my childhood, surrounded by mother’s unconditional love.

Modestas showed me how beautiful life can be, how to embrace my true self with love and acceptance.

My heart is open now to be vulnerable, to surrender to love, to be who i truly am , and to dance in this moment! I am not perfect, but this moment is perfect. ♥️

Nikki Lin

A state of flow

April 2, 2019

Dancing with Modestas is one of the experiences that is going to stay with me forever, as this was the first time I have been able to achieve a full relaxation and surrender in a dance, with a sense that my body and mind are allowing the action rather than doing or forcing it: a blissful state of flow. He showed me that dance & spirituality can be experienced together, that they are not separated from one another, and I am forever thankful to him for that.

Mariam Petrosyan

Initial session feedback

January 3, 2022

The session was very structured and contained all the necessary elements.

1. At the beginning of the session Modestas started to ask general questions, mostly about the current situation and mood. It helped to synchronize mood and prepare for the main part of the session.

2. During the main part, when I started to share my ideas for the training and my needs, I like that some brainstorming questions, interactions were put in the middle.

3. At the end of the session we together summarized questions and targets of the future training/coaching session. I like that from both sides we found conclusions and did a classification of the problems.

4. Also, I like that we touched the more scientific side of the issues, not only the esoteric perspective.

Eugene S.

A transformative experience

July 19, 2019

It happens sometimes that on the life path one misses/skips some important experience, and goes on carrying voids and gaps that this experience was meant to fill. Like a puzzle where some pieces are missing.

The experience of living in the body, trusting its wisdom and intuition, perceiving and feeling profoundly, giving and receiving with it used to be something absent from my life… until the Ultimate Tantra Healing Journey which had a truly transformative and enlightening effect. Now, 10 days after, and I even better realize those important changes that it has prompted in me.

Modest has guided me through with unconditional love and a lot of care, with vigilant attention to everything that was happening in my body, mind and soul, with a wise and kind advice always ready for me. He is a radiant person whose mere presence has a healing effect, and in him I also found the most inspiring example of how one can embrace life and join its blissful flow.

With a lot of gratitude I feel that the healing process continues unfolding in me, brigding the gaps and curing the wounds. New colors are coming into my life, and new amazing experiences too!

I definitely recommend the Ultimate Tantra Healing Journey and Modest as a nutural-born healer and a highly professional massage giver!



April 7, 2019

I love the way he approaches woman and his respectful way of dancing, massage. I know him for a longer time and it is amazing to see him growing! He is amazing. You can totally trust him!