Modestas Stonkus

Modestas Is a life-coach, tantric bodyworker, dance teacher and experienced DJ. He works with somatic techniques for therapy sessions and dance. Since the age of 7 he was working as an altar server, introduced to various spiritual teachings. At 15 he became a Reiki Master-Teacher. Trained and started giving Tantra massages since 2016. Since then he is constantly travelling around the world and studying with the world’s best teachers in dance and Tantra. He strives to create the best quality experiences for his client growth.

In 2018 he started assisting yearly “Ultimate Tantra Mystic Massage Training“, taught by Ma Ananda Sarita & Dharmaraj (
Modestas seeks to inspire, empower & assist people in connecting to their true purpose & passion. So they would gain the courage to follow them and roam through their lives with truly powerful, authentic potential. Through dance & bodywork dissolving old patterns and traumas, making space for flowering, growth and positive change to happen.

Xena Georgina

Xena is an experienced Zouk dancer, she guides trainings in the field of shakti tantra, dance, leadership, sufi whirling, non-violent communication, and conscious touch. When she was 11 years old she got in touch with Eastern spirituality and felt intrigued by its mysticism. Ever since she’s been continuously studying esoteric philosophy and various spiritual traditions. She graduated in Neuropsychology but her life transformed when she dived deep into the practices of Vipassana meditation, Tantra & Shamanism. It opened her up into an in-depth journey of awareness and love for human existence and nature. Combined with her love for the art of Brazilian Zouk, she feels it is a match made in heaven. In 2017 she started investigating ways to embody more empathy in dance and deepen the dance experience. In 2019, she felt an impulse from the heart to work with feminine energy and started organizing Zouk Sister Retreats for women in the Zouk community. Xena is dedicated to empower others to get in touch with their deepest Self. By facilitating an opening of the body to the mysteries of life, the depth of love, and the art of being. While on a continuous journey to develop herself, she loves co-creating events with trusted friends & professionals that she deeply resonates with. lf.

In this light, she takes an eclectic approach to Zouk, and seeks to expand her dance vocabulary by integrating and strengthening different styles like Tango, African dance but also other Zouk styles. Her biggest aim is to bring a unique, dynamic beauty to her life through dance and tries to inspire others to do the same.

Elvina Ensh

Elvina is an experienced Zouk and Contact Impro Dancer, Bodyworker, Yoga, Dance-Teacher and novice psycho-therapist.

She flies around the world, containing the knowledges from the best masters of yoga, massage, tantra, meditation, somatics and dance.
Working on the body-soul connection and mental health since 2012. Started to teach and share it at 2013.

Currently, she’s deeply into Gestalt therapy and psychosomatics, as she finds relationships to be the most interesting phenomenon in the world which is an
immense field for exploration.
At that moment she’s focused on facilitating retreats that combine all of that for personal development.

Her aim is to help people to connect with their bodies, feelings and other people. She uses various techniques to guide people towards openness, confidence, sensuality and overall happiness. Elvina lives by the motto “body never lies” and all of her new adventures, studies and developments are focused on self-care and building safe relationships with other humans.