“Dance Poetry Project” was inspired by someone who I grew to love deeper than I ever dreamed possible. Dance poetry project shares the intricate stories of my life through movement. My imperfections, mistakes, growth & change. Moments when I’m lost and hurting myself and moments when I’m in love with myself. Ultimately the goal is to share the artful process of being alive.

– Modestas Stonkus

For me dance is an expression of life. A form of communication. A language. A way to transmit information that is possibly inexpressible in words. In dance I can be myself with no filters. Without trying to look nice. When I dance I can be raw and real, honest & bold… And everything else that comes together to make who I am. Here is my unfiltered expression. Unpolished pearls of the soul. Filled with stories & emotions.

I have changed since I’ve started. Every time I made a video I knew I could not do it again in the same way. Because that piece of me was only then and there.

In front of your eyes is a human being. Who makes mistakes, feels sensitive & vulnerable from time to time.

In front of your eyes is a mirror of you. It will reflect parts in you that want more love from you. Look at those parts of yourself & use this medicine wisely.

Remember one thing: I love you. No matter who and where you are. I do. Because you are a part of me. In the same way as I am a part of you.

CHAPTER 1: “Who the f*** is Mad Wolf ?”

“Who the f*** is Mad Wolf ?” Is a story about a man who doesn’t understand why he got rejected and left by his beloved partner. His heart is bleeding, he is crushed and overwhelmed. He can’t handle that. So he tricks himself into pretending that now he’s stronger than ever. Rage, inner Lion & Rebel tries to cover the hurts & insecurities. Hurting himself even more by pretending to be who he’s not.

How could she do this to me?

What kind of person am I if even the person who should know me the best – rejects me like a stray dog? What am I worth? Am I blind to my own failings?

CHAPTER 2: “I Am A Prisoner Of My Own Image”

“I am a prisoner of my own image” – Is a story about a man who became a slave to his own image. A man who lost his authenticity to the pressure of performance & conformity. A man who’s fake identity has to burn for him to rise again as Phenix rises from his own ashes.

“I believed that I am the shadow my body casts. I believed that I am who others say I am. I believed that I must do things properly, in the way they are supposed to be done. I wanted to be good. I believed that there is right and wrong. Until I realised – I am very unhappy. I am enslaved by the chains I myself, agreed to carry.

The image represented who I am for so long. I loved the fake image of myself for so long. In social media, in my friends minds. I thought it was cool. I believed it helped me to live. Until I realised that I am not that image any more. Or maybe never was. I am changing. I don’t know to what. And I was just chasing my own tail while trying to be someone that I am not any more.

Now I want to dance the old picture out. Make empty space for something new to be born.” – Modestas Stonkus

CHAPTER 3: “There Is No Solid Ground Any More”

“There Is No Solid Ground Any More” is a story about all of us. Lost in excessive amounts of information. Drowning in fear and confusion. Wishing to connect with others and needing to deal with our own shadows alone.

This is a story of change.
But we resist. We refuse to change. Therefore before the change settles into us – it tears up our worldview to the core. Then we can inherit the change. Only when we are fully broken – we loose our resistance & accept the reality of now.

Filmed during the 2020 #Coronavirus pandemic.

CHAPTER 4: “The Most Profound Love Story”

“The most profound love Story” hits very close to home. Modestas confesses his past love story which changed him forever. It’s an authentic and vulnerable sharing about real unconditional love. Real devotion. Inner pain. And wounds that could only be healed through love.

It is an invitation to be as vulnerable as possible. To stand for the truth and doing good for others. To stand for loving each other profoundly. To make the commitment & not look back. Because sometimes wisdom reveals itself only after you go “All In”.

CHAPTER 5: “When I Loved Myself – Others Loved Me”

“When I loved Myself – others loved me” is a story about a man falling back in love with his true self. Throwing away the fear and guilt to be a narcissist which he gathered through his life. He looks into his body, food, nutrition, physical activity and psychological needs. And finally takes a good care of himself.

Profound changes happened in his life once the man fell in love with the authentic essence of who he actually is.

Finally he realises : “When I loved Myself – others loved me”

CHAPTER 6: “This is for my Mother – Nature”

“This is for my Mother – Nature” was inspired by a Japanese dance theatre “Butoh”. It is a piece about a shadow in each and every one of us. An uncomfortable and important story about a man who finally experiences the consequences of his choices. A man who questions his worth and integrity because of his consumption and lack of awareness about environment during his city life.

“Most of my life I felt that the nature was just a place to get our resources from. That we are here to take what we need. At some point my perspective changed – I felt that humans are like termites eating the ancient temples of nature. Destroying everything on their way.

But For What?
I couldn’t find an adequate answer.

Now, during #Coronavirus, we have stopped.
We have the time to feel into ourselves and the nature around us.
Feel the nature inside of us.
Will we use this moment to find more connection within ourselves?
It is up to us.”

Thank You For Staying With Me


See You In “Part 2”

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Modestas is actively working Mentor, Tantra Teacher, Tantric Bodyworker, Teaching Dance & DJ'ing around the world. He strives to create inspirational experiences, motivating growth & love to ourselves.


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