Metamorphosis Session Payment

META Sessions [1,5-2h]

These sessions consist of learning one dance style, personalized therapy through movement, emotional maturity practices, tantric meditations, talk therapy and coaching.

> Most practices are done through movement & dance.
> All hand crafted according to your personal needs and life challenges.

Investment : 350€

I usually work in 4 & 10 session packages:

Intake Session [1.5h]*
Consists of assessing & getting to know your life's story, lifestyle, needs, intentions & ways I could help you.
Includes 45min of getting to know you & 45 minutes of dance practice.

*It is Required before packages.

Investment : 150€

4 META Session Package
1 time per week
With a week off if needed.
Should be completed in 4 to 6 weeks time.
*5% Discount applies

Investment : 1330€

10 META Session Package
1-2 times per week
With a week off if needed.
Should be completed in 4 months time.
*10% Discount applies

Investment : 3150€


Modestas Stonkus

Modestas is actively working Mentor, Tantra Teacher, Tantric Bodyworker, Teaching Dance & DJ'ing around the world. He strives to create inspirational experiences, motivating growth & love to ourselves.