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Sometimes we just want to be held, hugged, taken care of, loved and nurtured. After all – we are sensual beings! We need touch to feel good. We need feeling of deep friendship and connection.

We all complicate our lives so much! With so many things to do and places to go. Out of that rush we forget to take care of our own bodies. We might start feeling a little sad, disconnected. Uncomfortable with touch. Maybe even slightly depressed.
Well that can be solved with a bit of cuddle & love!

In Cuddle Session you can:

  • Eye gaze till you see the whole universe in the eyes of the other;
  • Hug someone and stay in that hug for as long as you want;
  • Make some cacao and cuddle on a couch;
  • Explore different kinds of touch;
  • Receive or give a caress;
  • Talk about your needs and boundaries;
  • Experience deep intimacy and love;
  • Spend quality time together with someone;
  • Feel connected, nurtured, taken care-of.

In a Cuddle Session we keep our clothes on. It is meant for caring and loving touch. As you would get from a good loving friend. In these sessions we can talk about many topics that are on your mind. Involving your
emotions and feelings, intimate life and sexuality.

Photo by Maddi Bazzocco on Unsplash

If you find yourself in need of cuddles. Feel free to write to us. In our opinion Nobody should be deprived of touch!

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Modestas Stonkus

Modestas is actively working Mentor, Tantra Teacher, Tantric Bodyworker, Teaching Dance & DJ'ing around the world. He strives to create inspirational experiences, motivating growth & love to ourselves.